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6610 SW 57th Ave
Suite A-105
South Miami, Florida USA

Offices in Dubai and coming soon to China.







Style Age, Inc. is a multipurpose international trading corporation with strong focuses on agriculture equipment and seed/chemical, raw materials/minerals, extensive work on mines, biomedical and biochemical research, and GIS/RS research teams. 


Our objective is to become one of the leading International trading market shareholders in one of the most competitive markets in the world. In doing so provide the best products with the most efficient way for our clients.

Style Age Inc. also takes part in government contracts, non-profit organizations to battle hunger and disease, as well as providing research on improving the economy on different levels of the society.  Our goal is to improve the quality of life on our precious planet and hope to spread equality among all throughout the world. 


Style Age, Inc. is committed to provide and supply our clients at the right time and place with  zero failure tolerance.  We take our client's demands seriously and secrecy is our top priority if needed. 


Our vision is to become one of the strongest and most trusted international trading corporations in the world, where clients can demand their need and rest assured their request will be taken care of .