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We stand with Ukraine


About Us

Style Age, Inc. is a multisector corporation focusing on International Trading and Precious Metals, concentrating on gold and silver trading, financial transactions including GPIs, VIP trading, Bonds and IBOEs, and humanitarian projects. We have multiple gold shops and outlets in Dubai, Singapore, and Pinang, with large deposits of gold in Switzerland. We are a client of the Bank of America, Citi Luxembourg, ADCB, and Emirate NBD, while being the client of multiple investment/wealth management teams such as Oakhill Investment, Allied Investment Partners, Al Brooge Securities, and others. Our Focus is to provide a mutually beneficial partnership with all our clients in the International Community.

Style Age Inc_Logo_ALONE.png

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Unit 1501 - 115 Wight Ave, Cockeysville, MD 21030

United States

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