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  • Demonstrated achievement in project design, technical support on proposal development, reporting, budget management and part of strategic planning.

  • 20 plus years of experience in programs management and building relationships with the ability to manage programs and stakeholders.

  • 17 plus years experience working in the Middle East, Africa (East North, South, and West) with extensive expertise in any construction, infrastructure, road, bridge, WASH, and Shelter, plus planning for NFI and Hygiene kits distribution, provide any tools for hygiene promotion awareness training.

  • Analytical thinker with excellent communication skill who works in a team environment both as a team leader and team player.

  • Extensive experience and commitment to staff mentoring and capacity development.

  • Extensive experience in managing programs, able to design any kind of structure, familiar with the solar system to calculate for better energy power and transfer the DC power system to AC.

  • Extensive experience on Livelihood program through vocational training through cash for work, Cash distribution ,support agricultural team, and plus health program.

  • Extensive experience for coordination between programs, and provide support, especially for health, education, and agriculture. Set-up planning with other programs for the intervention of Water in agriculture, WASH in Schools and health facilities.

  • Experience in providing all the necessary tools for M&E and any assessment related to WASH, Infrastructure, Shelter, etc.

  • Capable of managing all programs in designated area, providing support for all program manager, designing weekly, monthly, and quarterly planning.    




Colombo Plan Gender Affairs Program- Kabul, Afghanistan            March 20, 2019, to present

Consultant Construction Advisor

My duty to provide a professional, technical, organizational and supervisory role on the execution of the mission the project, involved in the construction operations of 2000 square meters building. The assignment includes direct oversight of all the design implementation of the civil, water, electrical and sanitation works and ensures the conformities of the all work to be performed in accordance with the approved technical documents and report the implementation process to CPGAP Project Director.

Premiere Urgence Internationale- Erbil Iraq                                          Jan 21, 2019, to March 19, 19

Rehabilitation/Infrastructure, WASH and Shelter coordinator

My duty to ensure the monitoring of qualitative and operational aspects of the mission's WASH, Shelter and general rehabilitation activities (Hospital, Schools, Water Treatment Plants, Shelter, Health Centers, Community Centers, and Roads).

Participates, for the WASH and Shelter sectors, in creating an operational strategy and suggests new operations according to needs identified at base and mission level to the Deputy Head of Program.

Supervises the technical quality of WASH, Shelter, and rehabilitation related activities, including project and site visits, monitoring the quality of interventions, meeting PUI's staff and all external stakeholders.

Prepare the donor reporting for WASH, Shelter and PHC rehabilitation adequately.

Coordination with MEAL Co will support the MEAL team for monitoring WASH, Shelter and PHC Rehabilitation activities.

Actively participates in preparing a mission Strategy for the WASH and Shelter sectors.

Propose new WASH and Shelter interventions to DhoMP.

Contributes with the support coordinators to ensure that PUI logistics procurement applicable to WASH, Shelter and Rehabilitation activities are the efficient and following procedure.


Relief International- Baghdad, Iraq                                                              Sep-217 to Dec 31, 2018

WASH Program Manager and Technical Advisor.

Responsible for managing WASH implementation in two governorates in Iraq, Program implementation, monitoring, and evaluation, staff management, budget management, help Program director to provide the technical part of the proposal.

Cover three governorates related to WASH, including, Water treatment plant and water Compact unit rehabilitation, Setup water purification system Reverse Osmosis (RO) units with the solar system. Controlling water trucking distribution, conduct water quality capacity building for the water department in each governorate. Provide technical WASH support for health program (ECHO) and as of advisor provide support for entire WASH program in Iraq. Provide tools for all WASH  training for staff, including school children and adults in Camps.


Mercy Corps, Nigeria, Maidugri                                                                     June 2017 – August 2017

WASH and Shelter program manager,

Providing high-level of leadership, program management, and operation support. As of program lead, the hiring process, oversee program teams ensure that project is effectively designed, budgeted, implemented and monitored in line with organization quality standards, and accountable for the timely delivery of program outcomes. Build and maintain a strong relationship with internal and external stakeholders and complete the program before the deadline.

The WASH and Shelter program covered two governorates, (Maidugri and Bou). Through local authorities identified the communities and schools water and sanitation rehabilitation plus hygiene promotion training.  Provide shelters for 200 Families plus provide WASH rehabilitation in several  schools. Design and planning to digging borholes with Solar system and rehab several other borholes.


Mercy Corps- Erbil & Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan region, Iraq                      April 2016 – Jun 2017

Infrastructure and WASH program Manager

Responsible for managing 10 Communities infrastructure projects in 10 communities, Program implementation, monitoring, and evaluation, staff management, help program manager to provide the technical part of the proposal.

In Conflict Management, Social Cohesion program

  • Identify 10 communities, met with each community members, identify their project, in the Kurdistan region ( GAC US$ 1 Million, 12 months). Identified 10 Community projects, Construct permanent structure, extend clinics, build 6 classrooms school, provide support to the electric department in two locations, rehabilitation water network, build a community center, provide medical equipment for two hospitals and WASH rehabilitation in schools.

And in WASH,

  • Provide the tools for hiring the WASH team members,

  • Set-up training for WASH team which they can follow up on program goal and objectives,

  • Support the WASH teams and continue and support Social Cohesion program.

  • Cover four governorates related to WASH rehabilitation/ installation and construction in households level, schools, Collective Centers and Camps.


Mercy Corps- Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan region, Iraq                                   April-2015 – March 2016

WASH program Manager

Providing high-level of leadership, program management, and operation support. As of program lead, oversee program teams ensure that project is effectively designed, budgeted, implemented and monitored in line with organization quality standards, and accountable for the timely delivery of program outcomes. Build and maintain a strong relationship with internal and external stakeholders and complete the program before the deadline.

The WASH program covered three governorates, (Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk, and Khanaqie). Through local authorities identified the IDPs beneficiaries and schools water and sanitation rehabilitation plus hygiene promotion training. With ( DFATD CA$ 800K )- provided WASH facilities for over 350 Households in unfinished buildings (shelters), provide WASH rehabilitation in 12 schools and conducted hygiene awareness training in 61 schools and cover 7000 students, distribute hygiene kits to the student.


Mercy Corps- Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan region, Iraq                                      Sep 2014 – March 2015

WASH program Manager,


This program provides WASH rehabilitation/ construction assistant to IDPs and host communities in Kirkuk city neighborhoods, was founded by ECHO 200K Uro- construct toilet and showers, connect the shelter to the municipality water network, setup 500 L water tank, and check and rehab internal household sewer system.

Mercy Corps – Yemen                                                                                      Sep 2013 to Sep-2014

Economy Recovery and Market System program manager

This program was the second phase of the previous OFDA program. Responsible for managing the program through Cash for Work. The program included Livelihood restoration and new livelihood development, (OFDA US$ 1.7 Million).


  • Lead the process of program start-up, and lead the process of recruitment and interview of all national staff directly associated with this, establish vulnerability criteria for beneficiaries who are going to receive assistance.

  • Maintain internal and external relationships to ensure program success including contacts with government officials and country program offices, international and local NGOs working in the livelihood sector.

  • Through community leaders identified 300 individuals (Female and Male), trained in the vocational training center,

  • Rehabilitated 25 kilometers water irrigation canal through Cash For Work to provide enough water for farmers during cultivation.


Mercy Corps – Yemen                                                                                     Jan 2012 to Aug 2013,

Emergency Program Manager, WASH, NFI, and Hygiene kits,

Responsible for hiring the team and managing the WASH team in Aden and Bayan areas. Ensure program delivery to an excellent standard. Program delivery, monitoring, and evaluation, staff management, grant/ budget management, external (donor/ Ministry/ partner) relations and technical part of proposal/ budget development.

This program provides WASH rehabilitation/ construction assistant to Schools in the southern part of Yemen (Abyan area), and distribute NFI and Hygiene kits among IDPs and host communities. The program founded by (OFDA US$ 3.2 million).


Mercy Corps – Liberia                                                                                          Aug 2011 to Oct 2011

Head of Office and Emergency Project Manager, (WASH, NFI, and Hygiene kits) distribution

Provided overall leadership, coordination, and management of the implementation of the WASH project, managing staff, and resources to ensure that the program meets its targets and deliverables on-time, to the required level of quality and within budget, (UNICEF US$ 1.2 Million).


  •     Establish and manage work plans for all project activities, including making adjustments in response to any changes in the situation on the ground. Integrate public health concepts, community approaches, gender sensitivity, and capacity building into all activities as appropriate.

  • Working under the direction of the Country Director, and as Head of Office and Emergency Project Manager leads the implementation of Mercy Corps Liberia’s emergency response to the recent influx of refugees from neighboring Cote d’Ivoire; focusing mainly on water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) in Nimbi County.


Mercy Corps – South Sudan                                                                             Feb 2009 – To March-11

Infrastructure and Rehabilitation Advisor,

Responsible for program infrastructure, and rehabilitation in several locations along the South Sudan region. Provide administrative and construction support for USAID-funded projects $ 30 M; to ensuring full compliance with Mercy Corps and USAID procurement procedures.

  • Preparing engineering plans, bills of quantity, construction budgets, tender documentation, contracts and other related construction documents in coordination with relevant program staff; Designing, contracting, and overseeing program construction projects, including resource centers, radio stations, schools, clinics, and vocational centers and managing construction tenders and contracting processes.

  •  Ensuring that engineering projects are designed to maximize safety, structural integrity, and cost-effectiveness, also ensuring compliance with Mercy Corps and donor quality standards for procurement management, asset management, security, and environmental impact,

  • Overseeing construction workers and contractors, ensuring quality control, safe working conditions, and adherence to budgets, managing a team of three local engineers who, in turn, to supervise construction projects at organization field sites in South Sudan. Completing and documenting procurement procedures promptly, while ensuring that items procured meet exact specifications and needs. Coordinating with relevant program staff and operations teams in the field to ensure that all construction projects are properly built and meet the required program needs and functionality, and frequently communicating with field offices 

Mercy Corps- Sudan                                                                                                  Jan 2005 – Feb 2009

Construction Logistics Advisor,

Provided logistics and construction management support for projects in northern and southern Sudan, including but not limited to purchasing, administration, personnel management, and transport. Supervised and manage the implementation of all construction projects. Served Operation/Logistics Manager for the Mercy Corps Global Response Team,(GRT)


  • Ensuring that procurements completed, documented, and items delivered to end-user promptly, while ensuring that items procured meet the exact specifications and needs,

  • Ensuring compliance with organization and donor procurement and logistics procedures including but not limited to procurement management, asset management, warehouse management, fleet management, security, and radio communication, Supervising and provide training and guidance to 120 labors, logistics, and procurement staff. Liaising with government offices, UN agencies, and NGOs, regarding administrative issues of relevance to the organization.

  • Managing the construction and rehabilitation of organization offices and guesthouses, 221 temporary and 30 permanent classrooms in the Darfur region, and 20 centers for protection and psychosocial programs in northern and southern Sudan, and establishing design and real standards for construction of schools and clinics in the Darfur and Abyei areas.


Mercy Corps- Iran                                                                                             Mar 2004 – Jan 2005                               

Admin Manager, Deputy Program Manager,

Provided support for the Mercy Corps’ Bam earthquake response program funded by Alive Foundation based in New York City $ 2.5 M, Help the WASH and construction teams to constructed 2,950 latrines and showers, built over 3,000 square meters of building and offices for different part of Iranian Government.

  • Ensuring that program support functions were in place to enable the implementation of emergency programs, providing managerial support to construction and water sanitation programs in the areas of contracting, budgeting, creating bills of quantity, coordination, representation, and overall planning through a project cycle management system, and provide logistical support to operation team, provide support to Health and Agriculture team.

  • Identifying projects and preparing cost estimates and timelines for project implementation.


Save the Children- Iran                                                                              Jun-Sept 2004 

Senior Project Assistant seconded to Save the Children

 Was an agreement between Mercy Corps head of the program and Save the Children management that I support both programs together for a few months, in response to the earthquake in Bam, Iran, Seconded as a part-time administrator and senior project assistant for a project to rebuild health infrastructure in a few areas.

  • Identifying and assessing the resources and capacity present in existing government and community structures, as well as other NGOs, Preparing all site arrangements before setting up the facilities for one laboratory and two mobile health clinics, and designing a waste management system for a district hospital in Bam.


World Vision- Iran                                                                                      Dec 2003 – Mar 2004    

Chief Engineer,

Accountable for providing a high level of infrastructure design, project management, and operational support. As Project Lead, oversee project teams ensure that projects effectively designed, implemented and monitored in line with World Vision quality standards and accountable for the timely delivery of project outcomes. Build and maintain a strong relationship with internal and external stakeholders. Act as a mentor and guide to other project managers.

  • As part of the Bam earthquake response, provided management support for the design, technical oversight, and reconstruction of health centers, latrine systems, and start the construction of an entire village with 135 houses. Completed the construction of two health centers and 700 latrines and showers, and repaired five damaged irrigation systems for the Bam Ministry of Agriculture.  


Ockenden International- Iran                                                                         Sept 2001 -- Oct 2003

Admin, Finance, and Construction Manager,

Program advisor for health and hygiene, water and sanitation, and construction projects for UK-based NGO working with Afghan displaced and refugees in Iran, Budgeted by ECHO 1.2 M, Euro;  

  • Establishing strong cooperative relationships with local government agencies.  Serving as a logistics officer during Iraq crisis in Khuzestan province in Iran (Feb – May 2003), Preparing and managing sanitation, shelters and the delivery of non-food items over 50,000 people in nine camps in southern Iran, and implementing logistics and administration of contracts.



Master of Science in science education

Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland                                           May 1994

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland                                           May 1992

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics

             Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland                              May 1986                                       

 Other Qualifications,

 CADKEY & AutoCAD Certification in designing and planning,

Anne Arundel Community College, Arundel, Maryland, USA, May 1991.

             PMD Pro 1 Certified.

             American citizen