The engineer’s adviser, World Wide Draw, can apply a hydrographic project using experienced seafarer and port specialist. 

Main activities of the hydrographic section:

               1. Manage beaches and ports

               2. Create coastal control ports

               3. Determine the coastline

               4. Depth Finding

               5. View of the Sea Flow

               6. Sampling of riverbed and sea

               7. Navigation

               8. Control of dredging operations

               9. Installation of pipes and platforms

               10. Providing transverse river sections


Hydrographic Applications:

               1. Preparation of sea routes

               2. Echo-sounder

               3. Industrial Platform on the sea, intubation, huge structures in the sea like the pier

               4. Commercial and military navigation

               5. Fishing

               6. Manage beaches and ports

               7. Control of dredging operations

               8. Oil and gas industry

               9. Tourist platform

               10. Installation of gas and oil pipelines in bed and under the sea bed

               11. Exploration and extraction

               12. Install the water pipe

Navigation tasks performed in a hydrographic operation:

  • Create SHORE CONTROL STATION Coast Controls

  • Coastline (HIGHT WATER LEVEL) (H.W.L)

  • Horizontal positioning

  • Depth finding

  • Flow of the sea

  • Sampling from the sea floor, water evaporation

  • Surveying topography of sea bed geomorphology

  • Water fluctuation

  • Sonar (sound navigation)