Database Design and Spatial Data Collection System

Geographic Information System (GIS) is one of the geometric techniques for database storage.  Due to the recording and storing of information by this system, it is possible to determine the exact position of all spatial complications. 

Also, the characteristics of each complication will be included in the database.


Our specialities in this area include: 

  1. Maintaining and managing the moveable and immovable property of the municipality in the GIS

  2. Evaluation for studying privacy in the road development plan

  3. Calculation based on the information stored

  4. Extraction of altitudinal digital information and elevation and cross-sectional analysis

  5. Study of the views and projections of buildings according to the 3D model of urban areas

  6. Harvesting and building the three-dimensional infrastructure of urban space and producing a 3D model of urban areas

  7. Extract the map of the slope and network of high-precision waterways

  8. Harvesting and modeling of complex urban facilities such as metro tunnels, urban tunnels, pedestrian bridges and technical buildings

  9. Generate block maps of cities

  10. Generate accurate detailed maps and plans for large comparisons

  11. Update large-scale topographic maps

  12. Three-dimensional urban decorations

  13. Harvesting and producing 3D maps of bridges and technical building for monitoring and control

  14. Documentation of activities carried out in projects