Urban Design

The company has established its own department of urban planning in cooperation with experts from the Roads and Urban Development Ministry and the Center for Studies. 

The company is involved in planning and urban design activities including:

               1. Urban Studies

               2. Regional and regional programming

               3. Development plans

               4. Economic and Social programming    

               5. Programming Infrastructure Networks           

               6. Environmental planning

               7. Urban Design

               8. Study of physical designs        

               9. Programs

Based on the results, studying the GIS system in urban planning and management is a dynamic and efficient system. In this environment, it is possible to store, retrieve, and analyze the various layers of descriptive and spatial information related to each other in different urban areas. By using the GIS system for analysis and extraction, we are able to have the correct and up-to-date decision-making power and avoid spending time and additional costs that would come from long-term planning. Also, using the computer modeling power of this system, it is easy to find out about the results of the decisions and planning before the implementation, so that errors can be avoided.